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    In today’s marketplace, component standardization and

    shorter lead times have become critical to manufacturers.

    To meet that need, we have identified a broad range

    of engineered threaded fasteners designed to provide

    engineers with the quality of the product line while

    enhancing their ability to commonize components and

    reduce time to market. While these products are highly

    engineered, their availability as standards allows you to

    access them faster at highly competitive prices.

    ?Many products are in-stock for immediate delivery

    ? Lower costs versus specials

    ? Fast turnaround on quotes

    ? Lower in-place costs

    ? Easier ordering processes

    ? Shorter lead times

    ? Assists in part consolidation and standardization efforts

    ? Smaller minimum order quantities

    ? Faster access to samples for prototypes and testing

    Our broad product line is readily available to meet your

    needs around the world. While the product offering in

    this catalog is extensive, virtually all of the products

    shown here can be customized to meet the needs of

    your application.

    Pricing Information

    Our competitive pricing, immediate quotes and shorter lead

    times offer a number of benefits to manufacturers. Pricing

    for all products in this catalog is immediately available by

    calling 1-800-544-6117, or a STANLEY Engineered Fastening


    Delivery Information

    Often orders can be shipped within 24 hours of receipt. This

    can be particularly critical during the product design phase,

    as you now have access to production parts for prototypes

    or testing. For those that can’t be shipped immediately, the

    manufacturing processes for our Engineered Standards?

    allow us to offer much shorter lead times than the market is


    Ordering Information

    To place an order, find out product availability or locate a

    distributor in your area, call 1?800?544?6117. To better serve

    you, some orders may be directed to a distributor.

    STANLEY Engineered Fastening is a

    global leader in providing cost-saving

    fastening solutions to the widest

    range of industries and applications.

    Our unique combination of expertise,

    manufacturing capability and product

    quality makes us the single-source

    solution for fasteners, cold-formed

    components, installation tools and

    assembly systems.

    System Solutions

    Total system solutions require more

    than a fastener. For that reason,

    STANLEY Engineered Fastening is

    here to provide the complete package

    you need to lower costs, optimize

    manufacturing efficiency and

    ensure top-quality products. From

    initial design to the assembly line,

    STANLEY Engineered Fastening is your

    single source supplier for fastening


    Design Support

    We offer design

    and applications

    assistance, product


    fastener testing,

    fastening strategy


    on?site assembly line analysis,

    product prototypes and more.

    Logistics Services

    Global vendor-managed inventory

    programs, global warehousing

    and distribution programs, global

    supply capabilities, JIT and Kan Ban

    programs, custom packaging and

    more are among

    our complete range

    of logistics services.

    These capabilities

    allow us to design

    a custom program

    to meet your global


    Non-Standard Items


    Our manufacturing capabilities allow

    us to manufacture products from low

    carbon steel, medium carbon and alloy

    steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass,

    copper, high technology alloys and other



    We offer the complete range of platings.

    The most commonly used include

    phosphate and zinc. To match your color

    requirements, we offer zinc and various

    color dichromates or an Acu? Coat?



    For a wide range of products, we can

    manufacture sizes as small as 1mm in

    metric and #000 in inch sizes. For larger

    sizes, we can manufacture up to 38mm

    or 1-1/2".


    We can manufacture .060" – 17"

    (2mm – 430mm) under the head.

    Head Styles:

    Many products are available in a variety

    of head styles, including pan, flat, oval,

    button, socket head cap, hex washer,

    external TORX PLUS

    ? Drive, trimmed hex,

    fillister, 12-point, wafer, truss, binding,

    and others as required.

    Drive Systems:

    For optimal assembly line performance,

    we recommend the TORX PLUS? Drive

    System. However, we also offer TORX?,

    Phillips?, hex, slotted, square, 12-point,

    tamper?resistant and other drive systems.


    Our standard tolerances follow IFI, DIN,

    ANSI, ASTM, SAE, and other consensus

    standards. For applications requiring

    tighter tolerances, please contact

    a STANLEY Engineered Fastening

    applications specialist.

    We recognize that all applications are unique and may require fastening solutions that

    are not considered standard. Because we offer such extensive manufacturing capabilities,

    you can customize the fastener to meet the specific needs of your applications.

    Customizable Product Features

    Special Features:

    Our secondary manufacturing

    capabilities allow us to enhance the

    fastener to meet your specific needs.

    We can add shoulders and perform such

    secondary operations as drilling, tapping,

    shaving, broaching, grinding, roll

    forming, burnishing, knurling, sawing,

    and reheading to manufacture to the

    shape and style you need.

    Point Styles:

    We can manufacture a broad range of

    point styles, including Acupoint?, header,

    blunt, chamfer, gimlet, pilot, pinch,

    spherical, dog, and others.


    We offer a complete range of captivated

    washer styles, including conventional,

    special, compression and electrical.


    We offer nylon patches, adhesives,

    and other locking elements. Since each

    application is different, these should

    be selected with the consultation of

    your STANLEY Engineered Fastening

    application engineer.

    Heat Treating:

    Several types of heat treating are available

    to meet desired hardness, strength and

    ductility characteristics. They include

    through hardening, case hardening,

    induction hardening, annealing,

    carbonitriding and vacuum hardening.


    In order to ensure the optimal fastener

    for your application, requirements of

    the individual application will determine

    the appropriate selection of product

    parameters. Our application engineers

    are available to provide you with any

    design or fastener selection assistance

    you may require.


    ? Sizes: #00 to #8

    ? Head Style: Pan

    ? Drive System: TORX PLUS? Drive

    ?Material: Low carbon steel

    ? Finish: Durable, RoHS-compliant,

    black Acu Coat coating

    Features & Benefits

    ? Elliptical geometric configuration

    maximizes drive bit engagement

    to virtually eliminate camout and

    tool slippage

    ? Optimizes torque transmission

    ? Provides increased tool life

    ? Acu Coat finish delivers optimal

    lubricity and corrosion resistance


    ? Sizes: #2 – 1/4"

    M3 – M4

    ? Head Style: Pan

    ? Drive System: TORX PLUS? Drive

    ?Material: Low carbon steel

    ? Plating: Zinc and clear trivalent


    Features & Benefits

    ?Manufacturing method forms

    burr upwards, producing a truly

    flat bearing surface free of sharp


    ? Preassembled to fasteners

    ? Helps prevent embedding,

    notching and marring in



    ? Sizes: M3 and M4

    ? Head: Undercut serrated pan

    ? Drive System: Phillips Square?Driv?

    ? Threads: Radius Profile?

    ? Point: Blunt CA

    ?Material: Low carbon steel

    ? Plating: Zinc and clear trivalent


    Features & Benefits

    ?Maintains full thread diameter

    close to bearing surface

    ?Maximizes resistance to strip-out

    and vibration loosening

    ? “CA” style point aids extrusion

    in small holes

    ?Maxmize performance in metal

    applications as thin as 0.7mm

    (0.028 in.)

    Size Part Number Head Style Drive Size

    MR3-0.5 (3mm diameter)

    MR3 -0.5 x 5mm 3BT-P8660-00 Pan 0-1

    MR3 -0.5 x 8mm 3BT-P8662-00 Pan 0-1

    MR3 -0.5 x 10mm 3BT-P8664-00 Pan 0-1

    MR3 -0.5 x 15mm 3BT-P8666-00 Pan 0-1

    Size Part Number Head

    Features & Benefits

    ? 0o drive angle

    ? Elliptical geometric configuration maximizes drive bit engagement

    ? Large cross-sectional area at lobes

    ? Vertical sidewalls

    ? Provides an average 100% improvement in drive bit life; can reduce

    assembly downtime by reducing the number of bit changes and rework

    ? Optimizes torque transfer

    ? Virtually eliminates camout – reduces driver end load and worker fatigue

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