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    specifications and other details please check our website at


    Bulbed Cherrymax? Rivets

    Bulbed CherryMAX? is a high stem retention lock spindle

    blind rivet with a visibly inspectable mechanical locking device.

    CherryMAX? blind rivet system retains the large blind head of

    the Bulbed CherryLOCK? rivet. Each rivet is supplied with its own

    installation anvil which eliminates the problems resulting from

    worn anvils. CherryMAX? fasteners are currently available in

    1/8" through 1/4" diameter in both nominal and 1/64" oversize

    diameters. The tools utilize one pulling head to install many

    diameters, head configurations and material combinations.

    Wiredraw cherrymax? ‘aB’ rivets

    CherryMAX? ‘AB’ rivets are shank expanding, locked-spindle,

    flush fracturing rivets meeting the requirements of NAS 1400

    specification and conforming to NAS 1398/1399 ‘AB’ code

    standard pages, but offering non-shift tooling installation without

    changing pulling heads.

    Cherry Maxibolt? blind bolts

    The Cherry MaxiBOLT? Blind Bolt alloy steel and A286 CRES

    conforms to NAS M90353/90354 and NAS M21140/21141, and

    meets the requirements of MIL-F-81177 and MIL-F-8975 and is

    listed in QPL81177 and QPL8975.

    bulbed cherrylock? Rivets

    The Bulbed CherryLOCK? is a high strength bulb rivet system

    with a visible, inspectable locking collar. Available in 1/8"

    through 3/16" diameters, several head styles and various

    material strengths and combinations. Conforms to NAS

    1740 specification and NAS 1738/1739 standards pages.

    wiredraw cherrylock? rivets

    Wiredraw holefilling CherryLOCK? rivets offer the widest range

    of sizes (3/32" through 1/4" diameters), materials and strength

    levels of any blind fastening system. Conforms to NAS 1400

    specification and NAS 1398/1399 standards pages.

    cherry? nut-plate rivets

    Cherry? Nut-plate blind rivets are manufactured in 3/32" and

    1/8" diameters, steel or CRES, for quickly and economically

    installing nut-plates to NAS M25027 requirements, with one

    operator. There are no blind side or limited accessibility problems,

    no damage or distortion to the surrounding material or nut

    baskets. They are available in pull-through or self-plugging

    styles and may be installed with hand or pneumatic tools.

    Cherry? MS self-plugging and pull-through rivets and tooling

    systems have been a reliable standard of the industry since

    their introduction. Although superseded by the locked-spindle

    specifications NAS 1400 and NAS 1740, Cherry? MS rivets are

    still widely used under MS20600/01/04/05 part numbers.

    cherry sst? blind rivets

    The Cherry SST? Blind Rivet System was designed to solve many

    of the blind fastening problems associated with aircraft assemblies

    requiring superior sheet take-up. Installation of the SST Blind

    Rivet System ensures consistent and permanent fastening of

    difficult assemblies with inherent gapping or slightly misaligned

    holes. The SST Blind Rivet System can be installed with standard

    CherryMAX? tooling with no adjustments needed. Eliminate

    sheet gaps in your toughest assemblies. Nominal and oversize

    in -4, -5, and -6 diameters are available in three head styles,

    universal, 100° flush and 100° reduced flush (NAS 1097).

    Self-plugging rivet (SPR?)

    Cherry? 3/32" Self Plugging, locked spindle blind rivets are

    designed for the attachment of nut plates and other applications

    requiring the use of a 3/32” diameter, aluminum sleeve, self

    plugging rivet. They meet and exceed strength requirements

    of Mil-N-25027 for torque-out and push-out of nut plates.

    Tacking rivet

    The Cherry? CCR284 Tacking Rivet is designed to improve

    drill-out by using external splines on the rivet shank to

    prevent rotation. The Cherry? Blind Tacking Rivet System

    is available with a 5056 sleeve and a C-1018 steel stem.

    Sleeve finishes include clear, red or black anodize.


    The Chobert? speed fastening design provides customers with

    a rapid assembly system. Chobert? rivets are installed by the

    customer on a re-usable mandrel. The installation process is

    simple and efficient; successive rivets are installed in pre-drilled

    holes on each cycle of the installation tool's trigger.


    The industry approved MBC? system is one of the industry’s

    simplest and most versatile riveting systems available today.

    This lightweight high-strength riveting system features a flush

    breaking stem. The mechanically locked stem contributes

    substantially to the integrity and performance of the fastener.


    The SP rivet provides the aerospace customer with a

    reliable and time-proven self-plugging blind fastener.

    The SP products are qualified to SBAC standards

    The Cherry Lockbolt Pins and Collars are two piece structural

    fasteners available in a variety of materials and configurations.

    The pins are available as “pull” or “stump” types in 1/8” through

    3/8 diameters (nominal and oversize). They are manufactured to

    applicable NAS standards from Aluminum, CRES or Steel with

    protruding and flush head styles. Our Collars conform to NAS1080

    and are manufactured from Steel, CRES, Monel or Aluminum.”

    Shear pin fasteners

    cherrybuck? 95 ksi one-piece shear pins

    The CherryBUCK? shear pin is a bi-metal, one piece fastener

    which combines a 95ksi shear 6Al-4V titanium shank with a

    ductile Ti/Cb tail to provide weight savings over two-piece,

    pin and collar, shear pin fasteners and reduce installation

    costs through one-piece automated riveting equipment.

    Cherry e-z buck? shear pins

    Cherry E-Z BUCK? is a 50 ksi ductile Ti/Cb alloy solid

    rivet. Its ductility eliminates the sheet distortion found

    when using monel rivets. The Ti/Cb alloy provides

    weight savings of 33% over monel and 26% over A-286

    CRES rivets. Cherry E-Z BUCK? titanium alloy rivets are

    complementary to CherryBUCK? bimetallic titanium rivets.

    fasteners for composite

    Cherry? 1900

    The Cherry 1900 is manufactured to meet NAS1919 and

    NAS1921 and is available in all sizes and materials. This

    fastener has become a fastener of choice in many aircraft

    designs because of the increased use of composites. Our

    “Shift Washer” design extends the tool life and utilizes the

    Cherry “one tool concept” making the logistics of installing

    different sizes and types of fasteners much simpler.

    Titanium maxibolt?

    Titanium MaxiBOLT? Blind Bolts feature expanded performance

    capabilities for metallic and composite blind fastening

    applications. They provide a flush, burr-free installation with

    no shaving required. The Titanium MaxiBOLT? offers fast and

    consistent installation by utilizing single action tooling with

    a patented shift washer design. The all titanium sleeve and

    stem are compatible with exotic composite materials, they

    cause no delamination of the exit side of the structure during

    installation and offer a blindside slope tolerance up to 7°.

    Tufthane coated Cherry? rivets are designed for use

    in composites. The Tufthane coating is applied directly

    to aluminum or other sleeve material fasteners to

    provide a barrier against corrosion attack.

    Cherry hollow end e-z buck?

    The Cherry HOLLOW END E-Z BUCK? is a double flush, cavity

    type rivet of TI/Cb material uniquely designed for use in a

    “soft” upset that prevents damage to the composite material.

    Installation Tools

    For over 70 years, the Cherry installation tools have been used

    by aircraft manufacturers and repair facilities throughout the

    world. Ergonomics, reliability and robustness backed by the Cherry

    Warranty and Technical Assistance are the leading characteristics

    of our tools. There are four types of riveters also available in a

    “split” version, in which a light hand held unit is connected by

    hoses to a remote power unit.

    ? Non-shifting riveters: only the active piston stroke provides


    ? Lockbolt Riveters: both the active and the return piston stroke

    provide power

    ? Shifting (Double Action) Riveters: these Cherrylock? riveters

    have two pistons working together to complete the fastener


    ? Hand Powered Riveters: Operated by hand power, our G800

    weighs less than 2 Lbs. and provides up to 5000 Lbs.of pull


    We also offer a wide variety of straight, offset and right angle

    pulling heads, adaptors, tool and service kits. For assistance please

    contact us at 714-545-5511; we would be happy to help.

    Hand Riveters

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