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    R.G.RAY T-Bolt Clamps are well suited to a wide variety of applications in the marine, automotive, industrial, and diesel transportation industries. Our product lineup covers a variety of diameter ranges and we offer all-stainless, and stainless band/plated steel housing options to meet individual corrosion resistance and clamping strength needs. Constant-tension performance is available in our Flex Seal? models.R.G.RAY Flex Seal? T-Bolt Clamps feature a durable, high-quality spring design in the fastener to provide constant tension in environments that undergo significant changes in temperature. All clamps feature stainless steel bands and a floating bridge design for 360° loading. Our constant-tension clamps are ideal for demanding marine, automotive, and industrial applications.R.G.RAY offers V-Band Clamps to meet a wide range of uses. Because we make such a large variety of V-Band Clamps, we are able to meet the needs of industries as diverse as automotive and diesel to dairy farming. Features such as quick-connect and quick-release fasteners, and designs that include hinged construction, make R.G.RAY clamps easy to use in virtually any application requiring V-Band profiles.R.G.RAY makes a variety of mounting and retaining clamps to secure everything from mufflers and heat shields, to canisters, oil coolers, tanks and reservoirs, pipes and grab bars. A range of band materials, closures and features – such as rounded band edges, and quick-connect latches – make them ideal for applications in the automotive, general industrial and agricultural industries.

    FLEX SEAL SPRING HOSE CLAMP 1/4" Plated Steel Bolt

    3/4" Stainless Steel Band Standard Constant-Tension Spring

    FLEX SEAL HD SPRING HOSE CLAMP 1/4" Plated Steel Bolt

    3/4" Stainless Steel Band

    Heavy-Duty Constant-Tension Spring

    Clamps that can develop high axial clamping force with high burst pressure capability in diesel engine exhaust and turbochargers.Develops high axial clamping force and burst pressure capability for diesel exhaust and turbochargers.For Filters, Mixers, and SeparatorsV-Insert Clamp for dairy equipment, diesel engines, and swimming pool equipment.Has a continuous V-retainer and partial outer band, compact profile to fit flanges having limited clearance.


    300-Series SS Partial Outer Band 300-Series SS Continuous V-Retainer Corrosion and Heat-Resistant Steels

    Flex Roll Formed V-Clamp designed for pumps and swimming pool filtration systems.Economical coupling with continuously formed metal band for ducting, air, and exhaust applications.Two separate V-retainers with two bolts, develops a more uniform clamping load than a single-bolt clamp.

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