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    APM Hexseal invented and patented pre-assembled

    self-sealing fasteners designed to provide both fastening

    and sealing integrity in a single unit. Our design features

    a resilient O-ring held captive in a precision engineered

    groove under the fastener head. This combination of

    precise groove geometry and O-ring characteristics

    results in an absolute seal regardless of surface finish,

    while still providing full metal-to-metal contact.

    Vibration-resistant and re-usable, SEELSKREWS?,

    SEELBOLTS?, and SEELRIVETS? can withstand

    internal/external pressures up to 20,000 psig/vacuum at

    temperatures from -100°F to +500°F (-73°C to +260°C).

    Made in the U.S.A., APM self-sealing & optional selflocking

    fasteners are available in standard and metric

    sizes in a wide choice of head and fastening types

    including thread forming, and tamper-resistant. Typically,

    they are furnished in stainless steel/with different finishes

    or colors as may be required. All have pre mounted

    silicone rubber O-rings. Other elastomeric materials are

    also available to match and handle exposure to various

    chemicals and solvents (see materials table 1 on page 5).

    Consult factory for further information and pricing.

    They represent a superior sealing alternative to

    sealing compounds, tape, chemical coatings, and

    deformable washers that attempt to seal the threadform.

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