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    Manufactured in Plastic for reduced weight and corrosion resistance.

    ? Helps meet environmental requirements / Emissions.

    ? A very compact and short connector, easy for use.

    ? Reduces assembly cycle time and increasing productivity : no tool required to disconnect in

    aftermarket applications.

    ? Biggest range of quick connectors worldwide for fuel lines and all car circuits.

    ? Variety of angles, geometries, diameters.

    ? Versatility of our quick connectors : Integrated functions such as shut-off valve, calibrated valve, one-wayvalve,

    pressure regulator valve, pressure check valve.

    ? Critical cleanliness guaranteed on all quick connectors.

    ? Assembly proofing devices.

    For 150 years, the ARaymond Network** has

    developed and enriched its competencies

    and expertise with you.

    Our teams are at your service to propose

    customized solutions.

    Our experts and our teams will accompany

    you from the project definition until the start

    of production.

    They bring all their expertise and their knowhow

    in order to find a solution adapted to

    your needs.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Since the company was founded, nearly 150

    years ago, our development has been shaped

    by innovations, from the press-stud to plastic

    injection moulding. Today, we spend 6% of our

    turnover on R&D and we have 8 production

    sites world-wide. We make it our business to

    design advanced products to help you boost

    your productivity.

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